COVID-19 Supplies

Non-medical Masks

These masks are for use by the public in both conforming with emergency orders as well as reducing the chance of oral infection in close proximity to those in ill health.

Cloth Masks

These masks are made out of the same cotton-polyester mesh as common T-shirts, and block relatively large particles, namely visible droplets. They are however the least effective, but are washable (Tumble Dry Low to avoid shrinkage)

Surgical Mask

These masks are of the design used for surgery, featuring 3 layers to ensure both that particles are blocked and caught either on the outside of or within the mask, but also preventing large amounts of liquid to easily penetrate the mask.

N95/KN95 Masks

These masks are held to certain performance requirements by government agencies, primarily that they filter out at least 95% of particle contaminants of 0.05 microns or larger.

Hand Sanitizer

We are offering Hand Sanitizer in 8oz and 12oz pour-bottles.


We have limited stock of Nitrile Disposable gloves. We have plenty of various styles of work gloves available.